Sunday, 14 August 2011

the new crafting area!

 First of all I apologise for the picture - I will do some better ones soon!! But anyway this is my new crafting corner. The move is nearly complete and for the first time ever I have space to put my craft stuff out rather than in a box in a cupboard along with all my other rubbish! It is all very exciting!

The last two weekends have been spent sorting, packing, cleaning, moving, lifting and selling! I have been ruthless with all of my things and have probably got rid of 70% of my stuff, either to the charity shop, car boot or the bin!! It has been really good to have  a proper sort out, and only keep hold of what I actually need! So far 2 car boots have been done and next week should be the last! I do love doing car boots and enjoy wandering around them even more, I love to see what people are getting rid of, very nosey I know but it is interesting - a little snapshot of someone else's life!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Eating out!

Just a little sample of some of the food I have eaten whilst out and about in the past few months!!