Saturday, 30 March 2013

Prinknash abbey bird park

Today we were very lucky to be giving some tickets to Prinknash abbey bird park with our friends.
Here are a few pictures of the birds I got to meet!

Lots of different types of chickens - all happy to come and meet you.

They also have a few deer, amazing!

These chickens were my favourite - the colours and markings on them were so striking.

Friday, 22 March 2013

All aboard, the annual train cake - choo choo

Every year I ask my brother what cake he would like for his birthday, every year he asks for a train cake. I am not sure when the tradition started (it was when I was still living at home so quite some time ago) and he has just turned 23!!

It is always chocolate, and always made out of swiss rolls, this year is the first time I have done windows. Something changes every year - I will have to try and hunt out all the photos of the past ones.

Here is a mini train cake I made for my nephews last night. I was babysitting them in the evening and after bed time I secretly baked it so it would be a surprise for them in the morning for being so good! 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Birmingham Bullring

I went to Birmingham this weekend to visit my friend, I decided to go on the train - this was my little seat and view from the window. The spots are the reflection of my phone case!! 

An appropriate view of the bull I feel! It was the first time I have properly gone around the bullring (I have been before but just popped in and out)

We went to selfridges and I looked at all the delicious food - so tempting! We went to star city and I had chow mein and some chocolate cake - delicious!

I came home with a few purchases, if I remember I will take a picture of them for you! Hope you had a good weekend.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Movies bake off

We had a movies bake off recently. I was inspired by all the snacks people have and made a triple layer cake. The bottom layer is pick and mix flavoured with a mixture of jelly, foam and chocolate sweets with a cream cheese frosting (with hundreds and thousands in!) the next layer is inspired by popcorn (the stripes are meant to be like the popcorn bags you get) and it is toffee flavoured. The top layer is a coke and chocolate cake! I had great fun making this and it tasted good too! 

I will pop back soon and show you what everyone else made!

Ps a quick thank you to twinkle star and puddleduck for passing on the super sweet blogging award to me - I am very honoured and will do my post on this soon too! 

Have been super busy recently and blogging has taken a backseat (although I have still read all your posts!)