Tuesday, 13 September 2011


 Chilli - made in my brand new cast iron casserole dish - very excited. We went to Gloucester Quays this weekend to return something and I suggested looking in pro-cook, didn't expect to come out with £80 worth of cookware!! I got a cast-iron griddle pan and oven dish as well!

As you can imagine all I wanted to do was use them, the griddle needed to be seasoned so that still hasn't been used yet but that day we made a potato and cauliflower cheese, we made a HUGE vat of cheese sauce and still have loads left - I think this will be used in a lasagne!

 A few weeks ago when Great Bristish Bake off started again it inspired cake making and here we have the hummingbird cake - pineapple and banana - it is very similar to carrot cake and delicious!

Finally is pizza, it was part of our pizza, cocktails and film evening - we had a topping station and every made there own pizzas!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Elegant excursions

 Welcome aboard elegant excursions. A few weeks ago I went on a steam train and was treated to a 3 course meal whilst we travelled through the countryside! It was fantastic - a night to remember!

A little table for two, in very comfy seats!

I only got a picture of my started as I was too keen to eat the rest and forgot about picture taking all together! I had minted pea soup with parmesan crackers, then main was spanish tortilla with tomato salad and to finish I had eton mess!! It was all very yummy

Between courses we stopped at a station and listened to a fantastic 60/70's band. I would recommend to anyone that gets a chance to go to do it - we are already thinking about booking up for the Christmas train ride!