Sunday, 24 June 2012

New Kitchen - well bits of it

I don't have any before or during pictures for you, but I do have a story and some poorly lit/taken after pictures! It all started tuesday night - in the middle of the night I heard a noise from the kitchen and assumed the tower of tupperware I had built the night before had fallen off the fridge.  Well it wasnt the tupperware that had falled but the kitchen cupboard had fallen off the wall (it was you bog-standard ikea double cupboard in white!!!) Not the greatest thing to wake up to!! After quite a lot of clearing we found out why the cupboard had fallen - the smallest screws had been used (only at the top as well!) to hold the thing to the wall. So we took the other cupboard down as well in fear it too would fall at any moment!

So rather than put the dodgy cupboards back up we decided it was a good opportunity to do something different. I trip to ikea and back and we had the makings of a new kitchen (well one wall anyway!) DIY is not our favourite but after a few mis-haps (a hammer dropping to the floor and breaking a tile, my fault and a learning curve on raw plugs and drills) and we had this.

Lots of things have been re-arranged so we can fit everything in, as well as a ever growing pile for the car boot and the kitchen is back and functional again - as shown by the mid dinner making shot above! 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Wooden cutlery

I have spoken to you all before about the amazing things my Dad does with wood - well these are his latest creations! Aren't they fantastic! Every time I go home it seems he has made something new - he comes skipping down from the shed to show whoever is about what he has made! 
He knows I show you some of things on the blog and he thought you would all like to see these. 

Each time I see him he also asks about my followers - so I give him a little update and let him know whats going on!! It is really nice!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Duplo figures

Last week we went to the car boot and this is what I came home with - my new duplo friend!
Since bringing him home he has been getting in on my routine every way he could!

He checked out everyones blogs,

took a bath, 

 got ready for bed and then the next morning he was trying to eat my breakfast!

Look what came for me in the post - from lovely debi - thank you!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A little stitching - monthly make

My most recent make - I was escaping football and thought stitching would be a good thing to do - I wanted something that I could finish there and then and was fun - this is what I came up with! No idea what I am going to do with it!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Versatile blogger award

It has taken me a long time to blog about this, it has been sat in my drafts and I didn't realise I hadn't posted it! Katie over at booty-full things very kindly gave me this award, she has a wonderful blog, you should really pop over there and take a look! There are a few things I need to do now!

Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
Let them know that you have nominated them
Share 7 random facts about yourself
Thank the bloggers that have nominated you
Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post

I haven't managed the 15 blogs as most people are well established in there blogs, but these people are relatively new!

The 7 random facts are where I really struggle, so I apologise in advance!

1. My favourite food is ice cream
2. I am eating an ice cream as I type this
3. It is my 3rd today
4. I have a gameboy collection and lots of games - but I hardly ever use them!
5. I have dyed by hair over 15 times this year already - currently it is blonde
6. Manny has only just realised I have had 3 ice creams today (and 1 lolly) and is a little disappointed in me - he says only a little though
7. I really enjoy little things, particularly little things that are individual and just for you.

I hope everyone has a look at a new blog today - let them know you enjoy their blog as well - I don't know about any one else but I love receiving comments but am not very good at leaving them for others - so this is my new plan. I often think of things when reading the posts so now I will add these as comments!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cherry and sultana scones, and a little bit of cream

I have seen scones everywhere at the moment, I am not a fan of the shop bought fan so out came the baking gear and I made some cherry and sultana ones! They rose quite well (not always the case) so I was very happy with this.

I also made some chocolate biscuits - there was left over strawberries and cream so it happened, it would of been rude not to!

I have been following Kaylah at the dainty squid for quite some time now and really enjoy her posts. Well she had some new nail stickers and I thought I could give them a go, above are my first attempt and below I tried out a different style on my friend!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tigerella tomatoes

Tigerella tomatoes, I haven't seen these before, but last weekend when I spotted them in our local farm shop I had to get them! I love tomatoes anyway - so stripy ones were even better!

This started a whole weekend of salads, which has tripped over to this week as well! It is something I always enjoy, I just wish fruit and veg wasn't quite as expensive and lasted a little bit longer! With just the 2 of us it is difficult to use everything before it goes past it's best!

We made greek salad, potato salad, little shoots, roasted veg, beetroot and orange and some mini mozzarella balls to finish it off.

Last nights was more simple, just rocket, tomato and fet. Manny made some fantastic rosemary flatbread to go with it!

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Last Friday Manny asked me what I wanted to do for food that evening on our way to work - we had been having beautiful sunshine - so my response was I would like an ice cream and a chip butty at weston please. That was that, we went after work with a bag of things in case we could find somewhere to stay! 
The first place we looked was fine, so we got our things and went for a wander on the beach.

It was about 8.30pm and the sun was setting, it was still really warm and there weren't many people on the beach.

I love all the patterns in the sand.

The next morning we had a walk and came across this - the smallest car boot ever! There were 3 stalls - we thought maybe we were there early and more would arrive, but nope this was all of them! I think the sun had made others go to the beach rather than stand behind a stall for hours!

No sun this weekend so far - but we are off to ikea! Who knows what we will come back with!

Jar of love swap

I am taking part in booty-full things jar of love swap, pop on over if you want to take part too.