Saturday, 2 June 2012


Last Friday Manny asked me what I wanted to do for food that evening on our way to work - we had been having beautiful sunshine - so my response was I would like an ice cream and a chip butty at weston please. That was that, we went after work with a bag of things in case we could find somewhere to stay! 
The first place we looked was fine, so we got our things and went for a wander on the beach.

It was about 8.30pm and the sun was setting, it was still really warm and there weren't many people on the beach.

I love all the patterns in the sand.

The next morning we had a walk and came across this - the smallest car boot ever! There were 3 stalls - we thought maybe we were there early and more would arrive, but nope this was all of them! I think the sun had made others go to the beach rather than stand behind a stall for hours!

No sun this weekend so far - but we are off to ikea! Who knows what we will come back with!


  1. Ikea- you go aiming to just come away with just one item, one item only- the item on your list...4 hours later & you've had to buy one of those blue bags to hold the host of stuff you've bought but hadn't knew you needed...

  2. it happens every time as well - came away with a toilet brush this time - not entirely sure why!