Monday, 24 October 2011

Day - who cares he will be here soon!!

In about 5 hours he should be home!! My last day was spent at work and then at the cinema!!

This was the morning sky as I got up for work - beautiful and pink!

Biscuits cooling!

Sorry the pictures aren't very good but it looks good up!

I'm off to sleep, or stay awake I just don't know yet!!

Day 10

The bunting was finished (a picture will follow tomorrow) then much tidying happened - I managed to fit in the time to make some biscuits - fork biscuits discovered on The Quince Tree blog
Then it was my turn to do the car boot - it was very very windy but it didn't put people off buying which was good!

Then I laid out a few gifts ready for Manny's return!

In the evening I watched Vicky Cristina  Barcelona, chasing Amy and clerks!! I am trying to fill the days as much as possible so they go by quickly!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Day 9

Saturday  - I spent the morning doing some tidying and I popped to the range to get some ribbon and then to the car boot to help my mum and dad set-up! The afternoon saw me meeting up with my friend Rhi at her dad's studio

Then there was the evening! I had invited a few friends over for films ad nibbles! There were nibbles but there was no film, instead we melted records, made pompoms and sock owls! It was a good evening and everyone went home with something home made!

I also started to put up some of the welcome home decorations!! Pom poms, paper chains and bunting!! Tomorrow more will be going up and then Monday will see the animal balloons go up!!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day 8

There was mostly lego today! A lot of work but that is boring and a beer - in the most AMAZING glass - look at that tiger!!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 7

Just a short post today sorry! Work is very busy and I went to my parents and then Tesco after work!!

I still managed to find time to do a little making though! The above is the results of that I am very excited to use them!!

I had a little treat delivered to me by my friends! It tasted delicious!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Day 6

I had a carvery for lunch as a colleague is off on maternity leave next week and then this evening I was off round my friends house for tea - so a jog was in order! This is me part way round - it is definitely colder out!!

This was dinner - it was yummy, thank you Rhi and Mapoo (well Rhi did all the cooking!!)

Another little taster for you of my project! I am loving working on it and finding different combinations of colours and glitzy bits to add!! Above is two of my favourite ones yet!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 5

Work and lunch was the same as yesterday so no photos of that today! My brother came round in the evening and I made stuffed wraps (on the griddle) and corn on the cob - however we both ate it too quickly to take a picture! Whilst he sat and played some dark souls (not surprisingly he is already further in it then me!!) I started a little project - can you guess what it is?

Monday, 17 October 2011

Day 4

Back to work today! Above is my luncheon - salad and nibbles!

Stopped off at Asda on the way home and got some soup and scotch crumpets - has anybody ever had them before? Does anyone know what they are? I am mostly excited for them!

I have been listening to this and it is amazing! I only bought it because of the name and have ended up with a brilliant record! 50p well spent!

This is tonights film, along with eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, which I have just started! LOVED  Juno, amazing film and can't believe I haven't seen it before!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day 3

Well it wasn't pancakes for breakfast this morning - more like ice cream!!! it was the weekend after all

Then I went to the local car boot - it was the biggest I have been to so far and lots of things I wanted! Above is some of the things I purchased and below is what I did with some of the records! It is mostly fun and I keep thinking of different things I could do with records!

I made bread to go with some soup for my dinner - the soup wasn't very nice but the bread was good!
I then rounded off the night with a couple of films!

Day 2

I started off the day with pancakes - I tried to make them into shapes but soon tired of this and made conventional pancakes instead!! I managed to make enough to freeze some for another morning - the freezer is filling up! Whilst I was doing this I had the record player on.

My friend Rhi came round and we had chocolate mint mousse and then it was off to town, Rhi had a mission from her friend Tom to find cassettes for him to play in his car - so off to the charity shops we went.

I picked up these 2 records for £1.99 each 0 the jungle book one is a picture disc and is beautiful!

Apparently there aren't many cassettes left anywhere, so after a lot of searching we stopped for a drink and cake!

A find for a snoopy lover

Lunchtime and we went to morrisions for some supplies and a salad box! Then the evening was a gig and a few drinks!! 

Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 1

 Manny has gone to Spain for 10 days and I said I would let him know what I do! So I thought I would share it with you all as well! 3pm and he was off - I spent a bit of time readin this ..

It is Dark souls, the strategy guide. It is a guide book for a game I have been playing! I am hooked and have spend ages trying to get hold of a copy of the book and today I managed it!!

Then it was off to Waitrose - I thought I would treat myself to a trip here rather than my usual tesco/asda trips!

Ingredients for tea were purchased! I made stuffed aubergine with salad - it was yummy!

 There was spare mix as well, so that's another few meals sorted!

Then to end the evening a film.  have decided to try and watch a film a night, so I started at A and picked a film I hadn't seen and fancied watching!