Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Day 6

I had a carvery for lunch as a colleague is off on maternity leave next week and then this evening I was off round my friends house for tea - so a jog was in order! This is me part way round - it is definitely colder out!!

This was dinner - it was yummy, thank you Rhi and Mapoo (well Rhi did all the cooking!!)

Another little taster for you of my project! I am loving working on it and finding different combinations of colours and glitzy bits to add!! Above is two of my favourite ones yet!


  1. You look frozen x fair play for getting up and out tho x

  2. Thanks for stopping by - loved reading back through your posts. Someone bought me "The best of Bread" LP when I was at school (in 1976!!!!) and I still love it to this day. David Gates had such a lovely voice. xx