Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day 2

I started off the day with pancakes - I tried to make them into shapes but soon tired of this and made conventional pancakes instead!! I managed to make enough to freeze some for another morning - the freezer is filling up! Whilst I was doing this I had the record player on.

My friend Rhi came round and we had chocolate mint mousse and then it was off to town, Rhi had a mission from her friend Tom to find cassettes for him to play in his car - so off to the charity shops we went.

I picked up these 2 records for £1.99 each 0 the jungle book one is a picture disc and is beautiful!

Apparently there aren't many cassettes left anywhere, so after a lot of searching we stopped for a drink and cake!

A find for a snoopy lover

Lunchtime and we went to morrisions for some supplies and a salad box! Then the evening was a gig and a few drinks!! 

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