Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Button swap

I have signed up for Noodle Bubble's button swap  I cant't wait to get selecting buttons! Lots of fun - pop over for all the details.

I also have to thank clobelle for my recent award! I will do an awards post soon, I also have some London photos to show you, after I have uploaded them! Hope you are all doing well - I will be back soon!

Friday, 24 February 2012

What a week ...

I had written a long post with quite a lot of moaning in it - but decided to keep it short. Somebody reversed into my car in the week, whilst it was parked and drove off. It has been written off - after just having 4 new tyres and other work done on it last week it was not the best timing! No car, no way of getting to London on the weekend and relying on others for lifts was all very stressful. However all should be over now, coach booked for London and new car purchase!

Another little car, nothing too fancy, secondhand but it is fantastic to be back on the road again!
Hopefully next week there will be time for some crafting rather than stressing!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Craft idea to reality and February monthly make

I wanted to make something else to go in my etsy and folksy shops, an idea for a little lion had been rumbling around for a while so this morning I started to give it a go. Above is my first attempt - I liked it but it wasn't quite right, Manny agreed - it's face looks a it like a bear! So on to attempt number 2, we both agreed the colours and materials were much better than the first but the legs need reshaping - and he needs a tail, Manny added.

So on to attempt number 3 - well I think i have got the head right - not bear like, and now there is a tail and the colours all work, only one problem - his body is too long! Not sure how I managed that! Oh well I reckon attempt number 4 will be spot on, then expect a few new additions to the shops!  

I managed to pick up this little cast iron frying pan from a charity shop, I had only been talking about wanting one on Thursday and then on a spur of the moment trip in to town and a pop in to the charity shops I found this - very happy!
So this weekend was my turn to use our cook books and try something new - I chose from Hugh's veg everyday book again and went with chachouka! It was very simple and very tasty, I add some veg, asparagus and mini sweetcorn on the side and some fresh bread and grated cheese. It went down very well!

Just a few photos there for you! These are all going towards mt February monthly make.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my sister -  she is 30 today and this is the little picture I made her! She has not had a very good few days, they have been spent in bed not very well. Hope you get better soon and we will celebrate properly when you have!

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines day!

I'm not big on the whole Valentines day, but I do like an excuse of a bit of a buffet at work and the chance to put some decorations. This was the table before everyone had got in to work! There was a lot more food!! I made Manny some chocolates and hid them in his lunch bag, and I am sat typing this whilst food is being cooked for me - very lucky!

Yesterday I was very lucky to receive the versatile blogger award from twinkles, tutorials and twirls. Thank you so much - it means a lot!

Hope you have all had a good day!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Gnomes, birds and flowers

I spent my Friday evening photographing a few of my homemade bits to put up on folksy! I am really enjoying find ways of trying to make my things stick out and to look fun! The birds all landed on the bunting in the hallway - almost like the pigeons sat on the telephone wires all lined up. Some of the gnomes found a new home in the middle of a pom pom wreath that I made for christmas but didn't finish!

 I tried a few things with the flower hair clips, but settled on this - attached to a blue ribbon. I like the effect -it is almost as if the are flowering in a garden, and below a shot of half of my head! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


So every year Many goes round to a friends to watch the superbOwl (as it has been re-named by one of our friends) this year he suggested having it at ours. Perfect excuse for bunting I hear you say! Correct - I made 3 lots!! We made LOADS of food - far too much in fact! Below is my pretzels - I was happy with them and I think they went down quite well!

I made salt and pepper pretzels, sesame seed and poppy seed pretzels and paprika ones too! I thought you might like to see a quick picture of everyone tucking in to some of the food! Here they all are - sorry for the poor picture but everyone was concentrating on the picture so it was impossible to get one where someone wasn't moving!

It was a very good evening (and early morning - work the next day was a bit of a challenge!) so much so that I am going to watch the american football when it comes to wembley in October!

Monday, 6 February 2012


Have you spotted by new little button - just up there on the right! Yes I am now on Folksy - I am not at all confident that I will make any sales or even if I will find anything else that I can put in my little shop, but for right now I am very very happy to see that little button up there on my blog :)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Troc, broc and recup giveaway

Head over here and take a look - whilst there why not read a few other posts - I have been following for a while now and I really enjoy popping in on Floss.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The screening rooms

We went to The Screening Rooms last weekend in Cheltenham as a treat. We watched the artist again, but this time in the luxury of very spacious seats and with at seat service! The food was much better than that at your normal cinema as well. I think this may becoming a more regular treat!

Hopefully there will be a little crafty post for you soon - we are having people over for the super bowl and so a little decoration is required I think.

p.s. it is snowing here and has started to settle - anybody else got the snow? Hopefully it will settle over night and I  can have a play - ready for it to clear again for work on Monday.