Monday, 6 February 2012


Have you spotted by new little button - just up there on the right! Yes I am now on Folksy - I am not at all confident that I will make any sales or even if I will find anything else that I can put in my little shop, but for right now I am very very happy to see that little button up there on my blog :)


  1. Hi Faye - this is great! I've just popped over to Folksy and I love your little gnomes. They are original and that's hard to be in the blogging/crafting world these days! Thanks so much for plugging my giveaway in your last post - I see it worked as I have a new entrant/follower thanks to you! Best of luck yourself, with the giveaway and your sales!

  2. That's fabulous Faye. Good luck with your gnome sales, they're really cute!!