Sunday, 19 February 2012

Craft idea to reality and February monthly make

I wanted to make something else to go in my etsy and folksy shops, an idea for a little lion had been rumbling around for a while so this morning I started to give it a go. Above is my first attempt - I liked it but it wasn't quite right, Manny agreed - it's face looks a it like a bear! So on to attempt number 2, we both agreed the colours and materials were much better than the first but the legs need reshaping - and he needs a tail, Manny added.

So on to attempt number 3 - well I think i have got the head right - not bear like, and now there is a tail and the colours all work, only one problem - his body is too long! Not sure how I managed that! Oh well I reckon attempt number 4 will be spot on, then expect a few new additions to the shops!  

I managed to pick up this little cast iron frying pan from a charity shop, I had only been talking about wanting one on Thursday and then on a spur of the moment trip in to town and a pop in to the charity shops I found this - very happy!
So this weekend was my turn to use our cook books and try something new - I chose from Hugh's veg everyday book again and went with chachouka! It was very simple and very tasty, I add some veg, asparagus and mini sweetcorn on the side and some fresh bread and grated cheese. It went down very well!

Just a few photos there for you! These are all going towards mt February monthly make.


  1. I love the evolution of your lion - looking forward to the end product. Yummy food too! x

  2. Just popped by to say that I would like to award you the Liebster Blog award, details on my blog - Clobelle x