Wednesday, 8 February 2012


So every year Many goes round to a friends to watch the superbOwl (as it has been re-named by one of our friends) this year he suggested having it at ours. Perfect excuse for bunting I hear you say! Correct - I made 3 lots!! We made LOADS of food - far too much in fact! Below is my pretzels - I was happy with them and I think they went down quite well!

I made salt and pepper pretzels, sesame seed and poppy seed pretzels and paprika ones too! I thought you might like to see a quick picture of everyone tucking in to some of the food! Here they all are - sorry for the poor picture but everyone was concentrating on the picture so it was impossible to get one where someone wasn't moving!

It was a very good evening (and early morning - work the next day was a bit of a challenge!) so much so that I am going to watch the american football when it comes to wembley in October!

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  1. Looks like a fun night! Love the bunting and the pretzels look so yummy! x