Sunday, 19 May 2013

A complete jumble of things!

Sooooo I haven't blogged much recently, have I? Wellllllll there is a reason for this. Manny and I took up kick boxing about a month ago and since then we have been going 3/4 times a week, mix that in with the allotment and work and you pretty much want to sit down and do nothing the rest of the time! So I have a few very random photos to show and hopefully will settle into our new routine soon, so I will have good things to blog about!

We are starting off with my car having it's first ever car wash (had it over a year now - don't judge me and my dirty car!!!) All a bit exciting to go through the proper car wash too (is it just me that gets excited about these things?)

Next we have CRUMPET SOLDIERS - possibly the greatest invention Asda has come up with!

Yes that is a modified toilet roll holding my egg, I know I need to buy some egg cups!! I however failed to make my egg dippy so that was a bit sad, and I timed it as well - very disappointing!

A bit more work has been going on at the allotment, carrots, red onions, cucumber and marigolds are now in. Still a lot of work to go but I am really enjoying it!

Lastly are these shoes, I saw them the other week and really liked them. I knew that the likelihood of me ever wearing them was very slim so I left them to be admired by someone else, now I regret that decision as they are no longer in the store!

How have you all been?