Monday, 30 July 2012

Our little garden

It isn't a garden really - more a little patch of earth in front of our flat, but over the weekend we have added a few plants and bits after getting rid of all the weeds!

The rhubarb and blackcurrant bush were the only existing plants, now we have lots of herbs and some flowers and grasses.

A little squirrel even found its way in! 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Car boot and charity shop finds

I thought you might like to see a few brooches I have found on my travels recently. I love marcasite in so I keep an eye out for it wherever it goes. for my 18th birthday my parents had my grandmas 21st ring restored for me and that is where it all started! 

I also keep my eye out on ebay - there is sometimes a bargain - like the one above. I am really loving the marcasite and enamel flowers - there might be a few more soon - hopefully!!

Some of them I will keep to wear but the others I am hoping to put in another button bouquet - I really enjyed making the last one so thought I would try it with brooches this time - I think it may take me a while to collect enough - but then that is half the fun!

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I have been trying to be more active recently, so I have been going on walks in the evenings, I stumbled across these sweetpeas along one of my paths - I have never seen them out in the 'wild' before, it was nice to spot them!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Brownie, roast, park

This is my new Kodak brownie camera - my dad gave it to me today, it used to be his (and his famils) when he was younger and he found it at my grans house, knowing I have started collecting old cameras he gave it to me! It still has all the instructions and everything.  They have been looking for film for it but haven't found any - I am doing a few searches online - ebay seems to be the best bet so far!

This evening all I wanted was a roast - so a roast happened! Nutloaf, sin on roasties and mash, parsnips, carrots, sprouts and the all important yorkshires - it was delicious!

After all that food (I actually couldn't eat it all) I went out for a walk and found this park hidden away in some trees. There is also a giant tyre swing! I had a little play and on the way home got a bit adventurous and climbed a tree (well getting 2 ft of the ground is climbing it, isn't it?) I was lucky there was no-one else about so I didn't have to share the park - I love ones like this - I don't care that I am not suppose to play on them - they are fun!

Hope you have all had good weekends!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Rezzed in Brighton

 On Saturday me, Manny and Matt went to Rezzed at Brighto. Have I ever told you that Manny is a bit of a geek and loves games (well actually a lot of my friends do!) Rezzed is a convention type thing where loads of new pc and indie games are shown (I won't bore you with too many details!) and Manny got tickets for us all to go!

I spent the morning at rezzed and then whilst they went to some talks I ventured in to Brighton. It was AMAZING. I loved all the small, old streets with lots of independent shops.

There were lots of bright colours, lots of great window displays and many sweet shops (I may have made a few purchases!) also loads of food shops and restaurants.

and of course a vegetarian shoe shop! I really want to go back to Brighton for a longer time, I felt like I only scratched the surface of what they had to offer.

I then went back and met up with the boys for some frozen yoghurt - this one is Manny's - I had already delved in to mine before I thought of taking a picture!

We had just enough time for a quick walk on the beach.

and then on the way out I saw this sign - I have a feeling Steve did not intend this sign for me!!!  

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

beginnings of a quilt

I have never done a proper quilt before - I have made patchwork blankets but I wanted to do a proper quilt. My idea is to have 9 of these patchwork blocks and edge them all in white.

I have the green squares ready to go and will let you see as soon as they are done!