Sunday, 22 July 2012

Car boot and charity shop finds

I thought you might like to see a few brooches I have found on my travels recently. I love marcasite in so I keep an eye out for it wherever it goes. for my 18th birthday my parents had my grandmas 21st ring restored for me and that is where it all started! 

I also keep my eye out on ebay - there is sometimes a bargain - like the one above. I am really loving the marcasite and enamel flowers - there might be a few more soon - hopefully!!

Some of them I will keep to wear but the others I am hoping to put in another button bouquet - I really enjyed making the last one so thought I would try it with brooches this time - I think it may take me a while to collect enough - but then that is half the fun!


  1. Hi Faye
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful brooches. The flowers are gorgeous. It's amazing what you can find if you look around car boots and charity shops. Have a lovely week. Ali x

  2. Me totoooooooooo I love brooches...Here is an idea I will share ....those big costume jewelery size clip earrings!!! Well in my fav vintage shop (which I blog about from time to time) always has some and if not gifts the odd ones to me or I buy them so inexpensive..then snip off the clip and epoxy a pin clip and voila! I will blog with some I have do inspire me Miss Faye...♥Debi

    1. thats such a good idea! I will keep an eye out for them! x

  3. Hello Faye,
    Pop into my blog when you can I've left something there for you on my latest post :-)


  4. A terrific start to your collection for a bouquet!