Sunday, 15 July 2012

Brownie, roast, park

This is my new Kodak brownie camera - my dad gave it to me today, it used to be his (and his famils) when he was younger and he found it at my grans house, knowing I have started collecting old cameras he gave it to me! It still has all the instructions and everything.  They have been looking for film for it but haven't found any - I am doing a few searches online - ebay seems to be the best bet so far!

This evening all I wanted was a roast - so a roast happened! Nutloaf, sin on roasties and mash, parsnips, carrots, sprouts and the all important yorkshires - it was delicious!

After all that food (I actually couldn't eat it all) I went out for a walk and found this park hidden away in some trees. There is also a giant tyre swing! I had a little play and on the way home got a bit adventurous and climbed a tree (well getting 2 ft of the ground is climbing it, isn't it?) I was lucky there was no-one else about so I didn't have to share the park - I love ones like this - I don't care that I am not suppose to play on them - they are fun!

Hope you have all had good weekends!


  1. The roast looks delicious. We don't often have a Sunday dinner, we have our roast on a Monday, so I've got mine to look forward to tonight, roast beef and all the trimmings, yum.

  2. Hi Faye.

    What a yummy roast.

    Your 'Jar of love' is almost ready so feel free to send me your address whenever you get a second. You can email me at

    With love,



  3. Wow lucky you a brownie camera. I love the fact you had a sneaky play at the park. Thanks for sharing your Sunday dinner it looks yummy. Ali x