Monday, 9 July 2012

Rezzed in Brighton

 On Saturday me, Manny and Matt went to Rezzed at Brighto. Have I ever told you that Manny is a bit of a geek and loves games (well actually a lot of my friends do!) Rezzed is a convention type thing where loads of new pc and indie games are shown (I won't bore you with too many details!) and Manny got tickets for us all to go!

I spent the morning at rezzed and then whilst they went to some talks I ventured in to Brighton. It was AMAZING. I loved all the small, old streets with lots of independent shops.

There were lots of bright colours, lots of great window displays and many sweet shops (I may have made a few purchases!) also loads of food shops and restaurants.

and of course a vegetarian shoe shop! I really want to go back to Brighton for a longer time, I felt like I only scratched the surface of what they had to offer.

I then went back and met up with the boys for some frozen yoghurt - this one is Manny's - I had already delved in to mine before I thought of taking a picture!

We had just enough time for a quick walk on the beach.

and then on the way out I saw this sign - I have a feeling Steve did not intend this sign for me!!!  


  1. What a great day out. The shops look amazing. Much better than the average high street we're all used to. Are you sure that sign wasn't for you :)
    Have a lovely week. Ali x

  2. I wonder if she said yes. Sounds like a great day out.

  3. I really want to know as well! I think they may have taken sign down pretty quickly if it was a no!!