Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tigerella tomatoes

Tigerella tomatoes, I haven't seen these before, but last weekend when I spotted them in our local farm shop I had to get them! I love tomatoes anyway - so stripy ones were even better!

This started a whole weekend of salads, which has tripped over to this week as well! It is something I always enjoy, I just wish fruit and veg wasn't quite as expensive and lasted a little bit longer! With just the 2 of us it is difficult to use everything before it goes past it's best!

We made greek salad, potato salad, little shoots, roasted veg, beetroot and orange and some mini mozzarella balls to finish it off.

Last nights was more simple, just rocket, tomato and fet. Manny made some fantastic rosemary flatbread to go with it!


  1. You have just fixed my "I hate making supper" dillema's.....now I have more time with my new favorite thing....THE Molle Makes magazine you so very generously sent me......love,love,love it..........♥Debi

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog via Katie Booty, it's fab! Remember makinga similar train cake for my eldest son's first birthday, 25 years ago! Love the striped tomatoes ... Your newest follower Claire xx

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  4. Your salads look delicious. I grow Tigerella tomatoes, but the ones I started off this year haven't grown very well at all, I think I'm going to end up being without them this year.

  5. I have just got some seeds for my dad (unfortunately don't have a garden and he has an awesome greenhouse!) so I hope they will work out!