Sunday, 24 June 2012

New Kitchen - well bits of it

I don't have any before or during pictures for you, but I do have a story and some poorly lit/taken after pictures! It all started tuesday night - in the middle of the night I heard a noise from the kitchen and assumed the tower of tupperware I had built the night before had fallen off the fridge.  Well it wasnt the tupperware that had falled but the kitchen cupboard had fallen off the wall (it was you bog-standard ikea double cupboard in white!!!) Not the greatest thing to wake up to!! After quite a lot of clearing we found out why the cupboard had fallen - the smallest screws had been used (only at the top as well!) to hold the thing to the wall. So we took the other cupboard down as well in fear it too would fall at any moment!

So rather than put the dodgy cupboards back up we decided it was a good opportunity to do something different. I trip to ikea and back and we had the makings of a new kitchen (well one wall anyway!) DIY is not our favourite but after a few mis-haps (a hammer dropping to the floor and breaking a tile, my fault and a learning curve on raw plugs and drills) and we had this.

Lots of things have been re-arranged so we can fit everything in, as well as a ever growing pile for the car boot and the kitchen is back and functional again - as shown by the mid dinner making shot above! 


  1. Excellent design Faye! Clean, simple and elegant....I love the hood over your stove and the black backsplash is just perfect...stainless steel and crisp white..a very delightful place for you to keep creating you colourful get some rest..♥Debi

  2. Wow, looks gorgeous, bet it feels brighter in there x

  3. It looks fab. I hope there wasn't much damage when the cupboard came down.

    1. A few cracked tiles and broken glasses - but not as bad as it could of been if it was the other cupboard!