Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A little stitching - monthly make

My most recent make - I was escaping football and thought stitching would be a good thing to do - I wanted something that I could finish there and then and was fun - this is what I came up with! No idea what I am going to do with it!!


  1. Rosey Sun and Rainbow Drops Wow avoiding football really inspires you! You make me smile:Dxo ♥Debi

  2. Wonderful. I should hang it somewhere prominent, it's the only sunshine we can see at the moment.

  3. I think you've been inspired by all the rain we've been having and your hoping for sun. A really pretty creation. I think it would look lovely hanging in a window. Ali x

  4. Hi Faye, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ... I am one of your followers but you're not coming up on my blog list when you do a new post, so I keep missing them! How do I sort this out so I don't miss anything? xxx

    1. I just add people to my blog list in blogger design - then when I click on my blog everyone is there and it always shows me the most recent post! Hope that helps x