Monday, 18 June 2012

Wooden cutlery

I have spoken to you all before about the amazing things my Dad does with wood - well these are his latest creations! Aren't they fantastic! Every time I go home it seems he has made something new - he comes skipping down from the shed to show whoever is about what he has made! 
He knows I show you some of things on the blog and he thought you would all like to see these. 

Each time I see him he also asks about my followers - so I give him a little update and let him know whats going on!! It is really nice!


  1. Your Dad was right in thinking we'd be interested least that's so in my case. You can tell your Dad from me I like his cutlery because it is chunky....and I agree it is fantastic.
    What wood does he use?
    Perhaps he would be interested in this chap's wood carvings...I think he does some great pieces.

    Amanda :-)

    1. Wow it is amazing! It is made from ash - I just checked! He loves to go down the shed and make something!

  2. Hi Faye,

    I'm Lexie...your newest follower and your Jar of Love swap partner! Looking forward to looking through your sweet blog and putting together a jar full of goodies just for you.

    Take care,



  3. Faye, they are fab - I love wooden cutlery, but I have only seen the thin versions, your Dad's chunky ones look great! xx

  4. Mineral Oil will keep these lovely pieces safe and beautiful. Is the wood Ash? As you may or may not remember we both have woodworkers in the family! and I for one love all the wood I can get....lucky girls ♥Debi

  5. They're brilliant. Your dad's obviously very talented.

  6. Way cool! My dad does wood working, too. Nice having a handyman in the family!