Sunday, 17 June 2012

Duplo figures

Last week we went to the car boot and this is what I came home with - my new duplo friend!
Since bringing him home he has been getting in on my routine every way he could!

He checked out everyones blogs,

took a bath, 

 got ready for bed and then the next morning he was trying to eat my breakfast!

Look what came for me in the post - from lovely debi - thank you!


  1. Your new sidekick is adorable! Looks alittle mischievious though. I thought that the keychain should be made and made just for YOU!
    I love the magazine, and the yellow owl has been inspiring me to get back to stay tuned for that, alot of cursing going on as I stick the needle through each finger, last time I sewed (by hand)I wasnt wearing glasses so my aim isnt very good...lololol ♥Debi

  2. The eyes look a lot like Mr 2 and he reminds me a LOT of blu-tac man who was always turning up somewhere strange in our room each morning! Love it x

  3. The kids never had Duplo, one of those things which passed us by.

  4. Hello Faye,

    Its pretty obvious that the new guy in your life has to be taught the rules.....keeping company is ok but no peeking...bathtime = private is out unless he prepares it leaning over the shoulder lark or whispering in your ear...but do get him a proper bed he looks a tad lost in the big 'un...
    he's a cutie :-)

    Amanda :-)

    1. I will have words with him - try and get him sorted out!! x