Friday, 22 March 2013

All aboard, the annual train cake - choo choo

Every year I ask my brother what cake he would like for his birthday, every year he asks for a train cake. I am not sure when the tradition started (it was when I was still living at home so quite some time ago) and he has just turned 23!!

It is always chocolate, and always made out of swiss rolls, this year is the first time I have done windows. Something changes every year - I will have to try and hunt out all the photos of the past ones.

Here is a mini train cake I made for my nephews last night. I was babysitting them in the evening and after bed time I secretly baked it so it would be a surprise for them in the morning for being so good! 


  1. Your nephew's were incredibly pleased with their cake and the note you left too, thank you for sitting and the amazing cake x x x

  2. Super Dupper Sitter you are that angelfood? Train Cakes...hmmm I think I do remember last years....that was when I met you for the button swap???? You know you will be making chocolate train cakes forever!

  3. Hello Faye
    I bet your nephews love you dearly and want you to babysit all the time especially as you make them yummy chocolate trains like this. It really does look delicious.

    happy Easter :-)

    Amanda x