Sunday, 19 September 2010

Gifts and experimental cupcakes!

Wednesday I had a present from my mum, my sister and my brother!! Above is some chocolate moulds my brother got for me. My sister got me a big bag of lovely fabric, I can't show you any pictures as I'm using some of it for gifts and swaps!!

Onto the experiments!! I used a standard vanilla recipe and then dived it into three. The first I added chocolate chips and some peanut butter. The second chocolate spread and peppermint flavouring and some more chocolate chips and the last one was almond flavouring and a teaspoon of jam!
Above is what my mum got for me - a silver cake plate!!
I have tried an almond cake - I think it would be even better with cherry jam but it was good!! When I have tried the others I will let you know what they were like.

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