Sunday, 3 October 2010


Firstly I apologise for the pictures- it is dark and I am using my phone to take the pictures!! I took part in the "no frills magazine swap" This lovely Canadian magazine arrived for me from pondside
My second parcel was from my sister - clobelle she had been just to late to join in the stocking swap so I suggested that we do a swap with each other and that was the last we spoke about it. This week a parcel arrived, no letter and no clue where it had come from until I spotted a little tag inside!! It is a beautiful quilted stocking - is it to earlier to hang it?
Some very big thank yous from me to you both


  1. You are very welcome chickadee! You make me smile all the time and I just wanted to return the fa(ye)vour as you're so great mwah xxx