Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A few last christmas pictures for you all! There may be a few sale pictures for you soon as well! Above is a picture of the wreath I made this year. I have made a wreath for me and one for my parents for the past 3 years, the one I did for my parents turned out much better than mine this year!! I did mine in the cold and dark so it is a little bit untidy - but I love it all the same. It has everything christmassey in it - holly, ivy, mistletoe, fir and lots of other greenery too - yew, conifer, conkers and pine cones!!

This is a couple of the presents I wrapped this year. There was a very red theme!! I usually go for paper with lots pictures on, but this year I thought I would try and be a bit more co-ordinated so a trip to hobby craft and a few pennies lighter and this is what I came up with!! There was glitter everywhere!!
I had a fantastic christmas and I may do a present post at some point - no promises though!!
Hope you all had a fantastic christmas! xx

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  1. Your wreath is lovely, I made one too and one for a friend. There's nothing better than making something from nothing is there. Bettyx