Sunday, 24 July 2011

The food!

 Here is a little snapshot of some of the cooking I have been doing! Above is chocolate mint cupcakes! They are one of my favourite flavours at the moment - along with anything almond!
 This was from a new cook book - it has older recipes in and this was for popovers. They are basically Yorkshire puddings but with added extras - I did ones with cheese in and the others have lots of different herbs in. They are AMAZING! I really want to try cinnamon and raisin ones, I think they would be good, I will let you know how they go! I have just found this recipe - this may have to be the one I try!
 Pecan pie! I took a recipe out of the tesco or asda magazines, one of the free ones that you can pick up every couple of months. The pastry did crack a little bit but it was still yummy and next time I might try making my own pastry and seeing how it goes!

 Homemade muffins! I have a little obsession with egg mcmuffins and when I found out I could make them myself (in my opinion they taste better as well!!) the next step was to make the muffins myself as well!

 Every year we ask my brother what cake he would like for his birthday and every year the answer is the same, a train cake! I have to try and improve it each year for him, it is getting tricky now - anyone got any ideas let me know!
Lastly, something a little bit more healthy, goats cheese, asparagus and walnut salad - it is yummy!  have made it lots since this - is one of my favourite salads.

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  1. Wow, you have been busy. I just popped over (I think you'd visited me - that's Blogger Stats for you) and I am stunned by your background. It's incredible! And your cooking - wow. I'm producing huge quantities of tomato-based food at the moment. This evening - roasted tomato soup for the freezer, and spag bol for hoardes of teenaged boys (OK, only three, but it feels like a hoard). Are pecans expensive in the UK? Sadly, they are over here.