Monday, 12 September 2016

The Great British (Gluten free) Bake Off - Jaffas

Hello All

It has been a while! I can't remember if I told you last time I was on here but I have been diagnosed as a Coeliac so am now following a gluten free diet. My baking took a bit of a knock as I got to grips with using gluten free flour and there were a lot of failed bakes and yucky food. I didn't feel like blogging about it! But anyway I am much more confident in my baking now, so I am back!!

I am going to try and bake as many things from GBBO as we follow the series and here is what I chose from week one (sorry about all the photos I got carried away!)

 They worked really well - I just used the recipe that they did in GBBO but subsituted the flour for GF flour. I also used Terrys choc orange for the topping and it made a big difference -they were delicious and didnt last long when I had family around! One final photo, because I was so happy with them!


  1. Hi! I have missed you! This is wonderful as a family member would love me to bake for her! NGreat to visit you again! xoxo