Saturday, 21 August 2010

Look what arrived for me .....(it may be seaside related!!)

I was very excited last night when I got home I had a little red slip popped through the letter box - a parcel waiting for me!! I was so excited I woke up early this morning and arrived at the post office just before 8am to collect my parcel!! Look at all the parcels - beautifully wrapped a swap from Jill , thank you :)

Some very yummy treats!

The most beautiful notebook, with a lovely cross stitch on the front (I promise I will take better pictures in the daytime with some decent light!) The first thing I do when I get to a beach is run to the sea to have a little paddle!! Also some bunting - we have both sent bunting, great minds hey!!
A fish ice cube tray and a lovely felt fish - I am going to find him the perfect little home!! I think that the ice cube tray will also be perfect for making little chocolate fishes!!
Look at it all!! I love love love love it all - opening it all up it felt like my birthday. This is my first swap and what a fantastic experience it has been. I have loved thinking of ideas of what to get and make and then getting the crafting going and then to receive a lovely parcel as well, I am one very happy girl!! I think I could become addicted to them very easily!!

After all the excitement in the morning I went into town and managed to pick up some wicker baskets and some lovely bedspreads, ready to be recycled into bunting and blankets I think! Then I came home and did a little baking!

This is my 3rd attempt at meringues this week - the other 2 didn't work. Completely forgot to take a picture of the when they were done, but they were successful!

Then a new recipe for a victoria sandwich had to be tested!! It worked perfectly with fresh cream and jam in the middle - now you may all know I am trying to be good and so my diet couldn't quite stretch to all that lovely cake so I took it to my parents - slight mishap in the car with the top sponge not wanting to sit on the bottom one any more!! All was ok though and I manage to piece it back together!!

Finally I used some of the mixture to make some cupcakes - have recently bought the cupcake boxes and really wanted to road test them!!


  1. So pleased that you liked them.
    Jille x

  2. Arghhh! more excellent cake makes and still none for me, will you share the recipe what an incredible rise it had!