Sunday, 15 August 2010

weekend times

This is a triumph!! I am rubbish at balance - and I am nearly perfect on this!! Reached my first goal today - 8 lbs lost. Hope it carries on!!

These are some of my new flowers - as you can see the wildlife is already enjoying them!!
I have had a good weekend- filled with making, exercising, visiting family and tidying!!
I am trying to make lots of things ready to do a craft fair - I am a bit nervous and not really sure what to make and what people would want!! I can only try it once and see how it goes!!


  1. Well done you - you will be my inspiration!! I saw myself in the holiday photos and hated what I saw - so a new cooking and eating regime for me!!

  2. I am actually really enjoying finding new heathly things to cook!! Turkey and veg pittas tonight, with a homemade, very chunky, salsa!!