Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Vintage paper bunting

My friends asked me if I could make them some bunting for their kitchen, if possible with some birds on. Well instead of my usual fabric bunting (I wasn't having much luck finding any with birds on) I thought I would try something different.
So after a day of hitting the charity shops I came back with lots of materials for making it!

These were the first few flags I made

Here it is finished - I used old postcards, sheet music, an old map, old pages from a book, lace, stamps (with birds on), vintage playing cards, jigsaw pieces and pages from a collins bird book.

I really love it and hope they like it too!

You probably can't read it but the bird on the left is called rock bunting - there were a few different bunting birds - I had to include one of them!


  1. Thanks to the beautiful bunting you made for me I now Know what "bunting" is I love mine and I know your friend will as well...♥Debi

  2. Love your paper bird bunting, Faye. Fabulous!!

  3. What cute bunting. a fabulous idea!! xx

  4. This is genius my love, I am in awe.

    I have just stolen my sewing machines from my dad's house and taken it back up to Manchester with me with the sole intention to make lots of bunting for myself. I cannot wait to get started!