Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cake anyone?

I have been hooked again to The Great British Bake off and last night I tried out John's heaven and hell cake (well the hell bit!)

I am off on Holiday soon to America so I have been getting a few things ready. I currently lack warm clothes so I have been buying tights, a hat and gloves! Above is a pair of tights that I had to try out before the holiday!! 
My new boots and bag as well - I can't wait to go!


  1. The Papperrazzi will be all over you! love the tights, skirt? and shoes...the boots and purse are perrrrfect...If you can say where in America are you heading? hmmm North part I would assume. Have huge Fun and I want to hear all about it....♥Debi

    1. I am off to Boston, Montreal and New York I am very excited!