Sunday, 18 November 2012

Soda bread and my weekend

I have been watching 
The Fabulous Baker Brothers and I was inspired by there quick and easy soda bread recipe. I gave it a go and it turned out really well. It is so easy too!

This weekend I have done paper maiche pinata with my sister and my nephews, I was helping them prepare for a party in the evening, we had lots of fun. I then popped by my parents to see them after there holiday. So a pretty busy saturday!

Today I went with a no plan day and just did what I fancied  I popped in to town for a little bit on a hunt for an oil filled radiator, after I failed I came back home.
I am very lucky to have waitrose walking distance from me, so every now and then, as a treat, I take a wander there and buy a few things. The walk is a nice one as well - lots of autumn changes going on!
It is a good job I walk there because I always want to buy so much, but it is a bit out of my price range for everyday shopping.

Today the fancy packaging on this iced coffee jumped out at me so I got it for Manny, he is a BIG coffee lover. I love the detail on the carton, every side had something different!

I have jsut realised how out of order this post is - oh well! Whilst in town I saw this amazing musician - he walked along the rope whilst playing the fiddle - it was amazing!
Last week I also spotted babar in town,  I used to watch him as a child!

I hope you have all had a great weekend x


  1. Days without plans can be so lovely!! There should be more of them, I think : -)

  2. Babar was such a good cartoon, I'm quite impressed that there is still a costume for him floating around.

  3. that bread looks goooooood. can't believe you saw babar too!