Sunday, 2 December 2012

Log stool

This is my dads latest project - it is still being finished - there is lots more shaping to do and a big decision about wether or not to keep the bark on! I love it!

This is one of my recent finds - a very clever candlestick that holds a box of matches at the bottom.

I also go tthe middle 2 mustard spoons (I appear to be collecting them now!) The top one was from my Mum, it all started went I went with my mum to visit my Grandma and I did her washing up, whilst putting things away I came across a tiny spoon (it is smaller than any of these) and I loved it - so of course now everywhere I go I spot little mustard spoons!

Here there are hanging up in their little bucket home!


  1. How lovely - I too use my sugar tongs on a regular basis! Sad but true...
    Best wishes

    1. It is like my little bit of luxury! Faye

  2. I love the bark on the stool, tell your dad that he must keep it on there.