Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Travelling craft box, christmas and secret santa

I joined in with laalaa's travelling craft box a while ago and it just reached me (well a few weeks ago!) I got a lovely little christmas decoration and card from Katy it is hung up already!

These are the bits I chose - also an embossing plate but I forgot to take a picture of that! Anyway it is now on its way to Madison - I hope you have received it and found some bits you like!

Sorry about the rubbish photos but here are a few pictures of my christmas decs!

Another surprise - I received this lovely heart decoration and card from secret santa - thank you to whoever you are - it was a fantastic surprise and it made me really happy to receive it!


  1. What a lovely surprise! isnt handcrafted joyful? A Very Merry Christmas and Warmest Wishes for 2013....♥Debi

  2. The travelling craft box is a lot of fun isn't it?

    I also received a very similar heart and card from a Secret Santa! I wonder who it can be...whoever it is they are most kind and thoughtful!

    Merry Christmas, Estelle xx

    1. I had great fun with it! I hope you are doing well! Happy christmas xxx

  3. Glad the box reached you well. Have a wonderful christmas Faye xxx