Sunday, 20 May 2012

Croyde Beach

Last weekend e went with our friends to Croyde beach - we stopped on the way to look down on Saunton sands. We were very lucky and had a sunny day. The post is going to be very photo heavy!

Plants were growing everywhere possible! Even a little crevice between some rocks in a wall.

I really wanted to know what was behind the door - where did it lead? 

After a tricky walk over the rock pools with picnic bag we stopped to have our lunch - I had made some multi coloured cupcakes - nothing like a sandy cake on the beach :)

After that we did some exploring of the rock pools and wandered down the beach to dip our feet in the sea.

I love the ripples left in the sand by the tides.

These are a few of my finds! I love the broken shells they hve such interesting shapes!

We then ventured down the coast a little for a hot drink and an ice cream! We sat on top of the cliff looking down whilst we rested!

I would love to live by the beach - I always enjoy going to the seaside and am always happy there! If I could look out on the beach every morning that would be amazing - I would be happy with a little holiday home if I couldn't live there - maybe I will have to have a look at caravans - then it would be easy to pop to the beach for a weekend .....


  1. Thank you for the seaside adventure. My sister is doing our family tree and these pictures bring perspective to some of my family's journeys. I see some interesting creations coming from your treasure hunt! ♥Debi

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip to the beach. Fabulous shell photos!!