Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ice cream cone cupcakes!

I love baking, as you all probably know, but I don't like faffing much! So I like to go for the bung it all in approach where I can! These cakes can be made doing just that! It is just my basic sponge/cupcake recipe and then the difference is what you bake them in and how you decorate them I have shown you some before but that was a few years ago now!

Above are just some cupcakes I made with spare mixture - I have seen quite a lot of ice-cream cupcakes around recently - must be the sun we are having!
The other way of baking these is by putting the mixture straight into a cup cornet. when they are done just make a few holes in the base so the heat can get out - it keeps the cornet crunchy!
Then the fun bit - go wild with the decoration!!

Hope you are all enjoying the sun - we went to the beach yesterday so expect a few pictures soon! 


  1. What a fun idea, in the cone!! Enjoy the sun as we slide into Winter here on the other side!!

  2. Can you move to Manchester please so you can be my live in chef! These look amazing.