Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pinata cookies

The process started with making ALOT of dough and then colouring it all! I left it to freeze overnight and all was well ......

After the freezing everything went wrong, I couldn't cut the dough it kept falling in half, the few slices I did get were really thick, these then doubled in size when cooking, then every time I cut a shape a limb or tail fell off! In the end I resorted to trying to cut the shape out by hand and it just about worked to give me one pinata cookie!

Thank you so much to puddleduck grange for sending me the cookie cutter I am hoping round 2 will go better!!

I have crushed all the spare biscuits and have frozen some to use as a cheesecake base and the rest I mixed with fondant to make a cookie pop (if you can do it with cake why not biscuits!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Faye...dont be WILL master this, you know I have found that following recipes have let me down more than not...You now know what is needed to be done...Success will be YOURS....Im rooting for you...♥Debi
    ps..good idea for cheesecake bottom, thank yoou for that one.... :)