Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mini egg cake and pancakes

This is a birthday cake I made for my boss for her birthday. Just a simple chocolate cake, chocolate butter cream and lots of mini-eggs!!

I am a little late with these but I also have a few pancake shots for you. We had our pancakes after a roast, so only wanted them a pudding. I made little scotch pancakes in my new one-egg pan (I love it!)

They turned out really well and puffed up to be light and fluffy. I havent had much luck in the past with pancakes so I was really pleased with them.


  1. Scotch pancakes? sounds wonderful....we are a huge pancake breakfast house especially when the little ones visit....lucky boss...I love those tiny eggs.....huge valentine x...♥Debi

    1. I would love to have pancakes more often - you will have to show me a picture of some of yours, I bet they are delicious xx