Monday, 4 February 2013

Red velvet smores recipe

I keep forgetting to give you all the recipe I used for my smores so here it is!
First of all I made the marshmallow - for this I followed this recipe I made them the night before and stored them in an air-tight container. I had way to many and the rest kept for about a week after.

For the red velvet graham crackers I used this recipe as I didn't have any buttermilk I just used mile (semi-skimmed) and they turned out fine! I also used a cookie cutter to shape mine as all the measuring to make perfect rectangles seemed like a lot of extra work - when I could just make them round! I also chose to use a small star cutter to cut a shape out of the middle of the top cracker of the cookie - I really love seeing the marshmallow poke through.

Then came piecing it all together. I first melted some chocolate and coated each side of the graham cracker. Then I roasted the marshmallows (in truth they were put under the grill in the oven until gooey, but roasting them on a camp fire would have been more fun) then all you do is squidge it all together! 
Enjoy - let me know if you make any - share your pictures too x

(sorry for the blurred picture, I wanted to include some photos I hadn't already shown you!)


  1. Thanks for the recipe, definitely one to try!

    Have a great week, Estelle xx

  2. Hurrrrrraaay!!! Thank you...wish me luck..I may pass on the marshmellow homemade right now, but this weekend I will give the red velvet graham cracker smore a little puddleducks are coming and I will be magnificent!! Thaks to YOU! ♥Debi

    1. No problem - let me know how they turn out, good luck I am sure they will be perfect and the little puddleducks will love them x