Sunday, 10 February 2013

Quilt cover to cushion covers and elmer blanket

This might be my favourite blanket I have made yet! I used a fabric sample book for the front and an old hospital sheet for the back! Very cheap to make and I love the elmer the elephant type look to it!

 I made all these cushion covers from quilt covers that I have collected from car boots and charity shops - the first one (with orange flowers) is my favourite. I bought this quilt years ago and haven't had the courage to cut it up yet, I tried to put it on my quilt but it was a really funny shape so I finally took the plunge and cut it, I love the result!

Hope you have had a good weekend, I have been working on another blanket and spent Saturday with my sister making valentines t-shirts!

1 comment:

  1. Great covers! you are an inspiration creative♥
    I still have to get to the red velvet smores...we had a huge blizzard and my puddleducks were wanting to colour and punch out shapes all weekend baking...fingers crossed..♥Debi