Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Elephants and chilli jam

This little elephant has be hand carved by my very talented dad! I talk to him about my blog and he asks me how many followers I have regularly and what sort of things I have been putting up (he is not at al technologically minded and would not be able to load the internet up on a PC!!) ad how many followers I have - he thought you would all like to see one of his little crafty makes and so here it is in all its glory (well as good as I can get when I take pictures on my phone) I have included an essential bum shot for you all!

He makes many things and I am very lucky to have benefited from his craft with purpose built shelving, hand crafted pigs and wooden picture frames! I will show you all some more things if y0u would like to see (I am trying to persuade him to make a penguin next, seeing as he continually says no to my reindeer suggestions!)

We made Nigella's chilli jam a couple of weekends ago - it is the best I have had - I would recommend it to anyone, very easy to do as well!

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