Saturday, 3 March 2012


London started with breakfast at Bill's I had poached egg and spinach on toast (Manny has the picture, I was more interested in eating!) It was a really nice place to eat, the food was very good and the staff were very friendly and for London the price was not too bad!

With Easter around the corner the big egg hunt was on - we only stumbled across 9 in total - I took photos of my favourites (really want to go back to London with the purpose of the trip being to explore more!)

From Covent garden we wandered over to Green park - past fountains and statues! 

There was a man who was feeding the squirrels and they would jump up on to his arm - it was amazing!
I was shocked at the amount of wildlife there was in the middle of the city! Around the corner and there was a lake!

We were very lucky with the weather - sunny and warm! Another egg spot or two ...

Did you spot humpty up there? There was a big crowd but most of the people were looking at the guards and not at humpty!!

These are the last few egg photos! I will leave you with these and be back again with a few more photos from the trip!

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