Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A mixed bag!

I have been so busy recently it has been hard to keep track of everything we have been doing! Here is a few of the things!
We had a really nice meal at the storyteller in Cheltenham - nachos ands the best refried beans ever to start! (I want to go back just for the starter again!)

Then I had vegetable fritters with bread, carrots and pickles! I forgot to take a picture of the pudding but I had a mixture of sorbets - they were delicious!

On Saturday we went to Bristol to have a wander around some of the cool independent shops and came across a bit of yarn bombing - the first I have seen in person!

This is one of my new camera purchases (I am actually falling behind with showing you them all I have acquired a few recently!

Then finally a present plant - with a fez and a moustache for our friends birthday. We enjoyed a BBQ saturday evening to celebrate! Hope you are all ok - I will do another catch up post soon!


  1. Wow, Im yet to come across any yarn bombing in person. It looks so cool xxx

  2. I thought the pillars were paint ...Wow I couldnt imagine knitting to perfection such art ~♥~
    The street looks like so much fun and no crowds, oh my. Love your camera's of the memories. Your new plant looks happy and healthy, cant wait to visit again! ♥Debi

  3. Fun yarn bombing! Your meal looks yummy - but then I have food constantly on the brain at the mo ;) xx

  4. Wow what an amazing yarn bombing. Your camera collection is growing. We visited Camden Market recently, you'd love it. Lots of old camera stalls. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x