Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hotel bowl and dish

Whilst out on my charity shop and car boot shopping trips I have found a few pieces of hotel ware - I really love this bowl and the stag (although I like to think of it as a reindeer) on it.

I would love to know which hotel it came from!

Then there was this little silver spoon from the royal hotel in Falmouth!

And a tiny glass jar!
Oh and in case any of yoy wanted to know the nail varnish I have been fashioning in the photos is avon nailwear pro in sea breeze!


  1. Hi Faye, I rather like Hotel ware too. Makes you think about all the people who have used it and where they were staying and what they were doing there!!

  2. Gosh! wedgewood what a find

    look out for Scilly Isle Hotels china they used Portmerrion china. My neice worked there thats how I know LOL

    keep well

    Amanda xx