Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas decorations

Here are some of my favourite christmas decorations that were hanging from our christmas tree! If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will already know - I love reindeer!

A mixture of shop bought, vintage and handmade!

New christmas eve pyjamas - purchased last minute in tesco on sale. I like new pj's any time but there is something fantastic about new pj's on christmas eve, adds to the magic of it all I think!

Reindeer plates, all purchased last year - I haven't found any this year, and it seems they need to be square!! I think it could be difficult to add to the collection but I will keep trying!

Lastly my gingerbread house - there were many problems along the way but I am very happy with the end results!


  1. Lovely decos! I really love the gingerbread house, so festive! Happy New Year to you! x

  2. Thanks! All the decs are down now! Hopefully I will forget them between now and next christmas, and then I can enjoy them all over again! Happy new year to you x