Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Reindeer advent

This is the advent calendar my lovely sister got for me. She knows I LOVE reindeer and so this was the perfect christmas countdown for me! You add a new piece to the scene everyday - it is very well made and will be brought out every christmas!

Christmas wreath number 1! I made this at a friends for her front door the night we had a christmas party - it is the first time I have made one using a moss ring - I think it turned out OK considering it was out together quite quickly! it has holly, mistletoe, ivy and pine cones - everything for christmas! Wreath number 2 pictures will be up shortly! Here is last years wreath


  1. That's such a sweet Advent Calendar. Is it from Phoenix Cards? I think I recognise their style... Your wreath is great. I don't know if my dad will have got one by the time we arrive at his house on Christmas Eve. If not, I'll have to borrow some inspiration from you!

  2. it is Phoenix cards - they have lovely stuff!

    third wreath made!

  3. Thank you for the mention, wreath looks beautiful. Did you do 208 as well?