Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas tree purchasing

 We went to Oxford Friday night and stayed over for the night (travelodge had a £12 sale!) by chance we pcked the night they were turning on their christmas lights so there was a funfair, market stalls and entertainment. It was a cold but fantastic night. We then returned on saturday to do some christmas shopping in the lovely side streets, which hold some fantastic non-high street shops!

On the way bac to Gloucester we spotted a christmas tree farm and stopped off to get ours - perfectly sized for the back of my tiny car! Decorations are still being added as we get them, or when I have made them! I will show you a picture of the tree when it is a bit fuller!

I had to show you the 2 latest gnomes! The bottom one is my favourite one so far, but each day I have a new one!

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