Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas gnomes

I have a tale of christmas gnomes for you all! It started when I wanted to do some more christmas crafting - I remembered from last year some fabric that I really wanted to get but didn't - it was by happy zombie and featured this little man gnoma claus 

So then came about my little christmas gnome - appliqued fabric scraps and a stitched face. I was so proud of him! From then on everything had to be red and white and it was all I could think about!

Christmas gnome went to Ross to visit my grandma and he came with us for a trip in to the town, where we found the perfect matching baubles for the bargain price of 50p. I walked proudly around the streets with them in my basket - people must have thought I had gone mad!

I knew that there had to be more gnomes - so the next one was created! Then due to it being the day before advent I decided gnomes had to wait whilst I finished of my other christmas project - my own advent calendar. I have never down quilting before and it is not perfect, the lines aren't straight and the whole thing has a bit of a wobbly to it but I am very happy with it and it will come out every year!

Today another gnome joined the group, so now there are 3. My plan has been to make some for christmas presents but so far I cant seem to bring myself to give them away - I am also not sure everyone has the same view on them as I do and perhaps it is just me that loves them and is often daydreaming about making the next gnome!!

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