Thursday, 12 January 2012

Barcelona - a few pictures

I had a fantastic time in Barcelona and took over 800 photos! I am not going to bore you with all of them, but today I have selected a few of my favourites for you! The one day we had brilliant sunsets, the clouds made the colours and patterns in the sky much better! I loved the silhouette of the seagull against it.

I was playing with some of the settings on my new camera and came across colour pick, above is one of the results of my fiddling! We were lucky enough to be there when the christmas lights were up - they were fantastic, something different on each street.

This was from the rooftops of one of the many Gaudi buildings! I loved spotting all the bottles and the way the light caught the glass.

I have always liked the ornamental cabbage plants but I have never seen them in such a large quantity!

We did a lot of walking, we tried to take as many local roads as we could and avoid the more tourist routes. I am very glad we did as we came acros lovely parks like this one! We saw several parks with these horses in - much nicer than the plastic version we get here!

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